Our ingredients are of the highest standards

Quality Team Standards

The highest quality standard a human food factory can achieve is to be approved to ‘BRC Standard in Food Safety’.

BRC is a step by step procedure where quality is checked and recorded at every stage of production to ensure the quality and safety of the food. Once a plant has the quality system in place it is then independently audited to see if it reaches the very high-quality standards that BRC demands. Only the best production kitchens around the world can reach this standard.

This is the bench mark we use when producing our wet pet food. In fact many of our manufacturers started off only producing human food and now use the same quality ingredients to produce our pet food.

Technical Director

Mark Frampton

With over thirty years’ experience working in the human and pet food manufacturing sector, 
Mark has been instrumental in the development of some well known global brands.

Technical Manager / Veterinarian

Dr Leticia Fidalgo Buron

Studied as a vet in both England and Spain and has experience as a veterinary enforcement officer for the government, ensuring standards are maintained in plants supplying meat for human food.



These high standards have meant we have banned many chemical ingredients, waste animal derivatives, flavour enhances and artificial colorants which are so often used in ordinary pet food – as it is our aim to produce the very finest food for dogs and cats.