Values & Behaviours

MPM Values



Transparency runs through our business and is consistent with our brands, consumers, customers, suppliers and colleagues. What it says on the tin, is in the tin – seeing really is believing.

We share the right information with colleagues to help enhance our brand, customer and colleagues. We aim to be open with all from CEO to every position in the organization.



At all times, we strive to make it easy to do business with us, for our customers to access our products, and for our colleagues to prosper and grow.

Consistently looking for more efficient and straightforward ways of working together.



We all take responsibility for delivering top quality, better pet food made with natural ingredients you can see, that pets will love. We take the sourcing of sustainable and ethical goods seriously. As individuals, we demand total responsibility from ourselves for our personal grown and MPM’s future.


Core Behaviours


Take Ownership

  • If there is not a way we will make one
  • You’ve got the power to change things
  • Ownership of your own delivery – no blame or excuses
  • Take responsibility for your mistakes and learn from them.
  • Minimal supervision needed to own and solve problems
  • Acts with end result in mind
  • Summarizes key findings and determines recommendations for next steps
  • Develops ideas and methods to address business related issues
  • Focused on doing what is right
  • Considers impact of your decisions on other departments including financial impact.

Drive for results

  • Focus on execution
  • Make the brave decision when faced with positive commercials issues
  • Recognise opportunities to drive the business faster
  • Have a good passion for winning
  • Understand the big picture and prioritise work to deliver the biggest impact
  • Understand and delivers on financial promise
  • Approaches and completes with fewest resources needed (without compromising quality or timing)
  • Don’t hesitate to as questions and asks in the right way
  • Has a proactive approach
  • Drive a team approach to winning
  • Overcomes obstacles – if there is not a way make one

Brings energy and engagements

  • Be an entrepreneur, contribute new ideas and suggestions
  • Embrace change
  • Have the right mindset and energy to succeed
  • Be the best you can be at all times
  • Share with and aim to inspire passion in others
  • Keep your energy from stand to finish
  • Ask for feedback to engage with others
  • Demonstrate a commitment to quality and excellence in all that you do.

Acts with Integrity

  • Follows through on commitments
  • Treat others as they’d like to be treated
  • Show a positive and honest approach in all you do
  • Keep your promises and manage expectations
  • Be consistent
  • Show respect and consideration for others and value their contribution
  • Always assume positive intention
  • Listen to what others day
  • Look inward for improvement
  • Be proactive and look for solutions
  • Learn from your mistakes

Focuses on consumer and customer

  • Champions a consumer and insight led approach to business and decision making.
  • Has clarity on what consumer, customer and MPM needs.
  • Push back when a project is compromising the consumer, customer or MPM needs.
  • Delivers consistently strong levels of customer service (internally and externally).
  • Communicating clearly with internal customers.
  • Understanding internal customers needs.
  • Pushing back/challenge is not enough. An alternative option or solution should be offered.
  • Display clear insight into the customer and use data to drive results/decisions
  • Initiate discussions across different levels (i.e direct contacts) Proactive engagement.